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What is the difference between a covert narcissist and a Schizoid?

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While on the outside, they might appear similar, they have vastly different motivations, fears and desires.



Both can appear shy, reserved and not very expressive of their emotions.

Both might engage in fantasies or are more occupied with living in their head, where everything's better.

Both have permeable self boundaries, in a way.

Both might be negligent of their partners emotional needs.

Both are self-directed

Both avoid being the center of attention

Both aim to be self-sufficient and withdraw from others.



Narcissists self-boundaries are permeable to allow self-enhancement through using other people as mirrors. They project good traits onto others and expect them to be reflected back to them. He sees himself as all good, as he can't allow himself to see the good in others, which would result in pathological envy, which aims to destroy their self-esteem. Others fortune must be kept outside of him, in order to not feel worthless. Their own fortune should be reflected back in order to feel grandiose.

For schizoids, permeable self-boundaries are also the result of an ego split. For them, however, the others are not regarded as worthless, but as threatening. At the core, the schizoid experiences himself and his mind as safe, while the bad objects, which are threatening, are on the outside. While narcissists can draw good from the permeable self boundaries, but also feel consumed by envy and worthlessness, the schizoid sees this issue as inherently threatening.

Narcissist: You are there to show me how good I am, and if you don't comply, it would destroy me and thus I react with rage, withdrawal and projection of the bad traits in myself. (You're worthless, not me.)

Schizoid: You are there and are a constant threat to my autonomy. The stronger you make yourself (expressing aggression, expectations, dominance), the weaker I feel and need to withdraw and dissociate for me to endure what you are doing without giving up myself completely.

You can tell them apart by the way say split on people:

At their cores, these disorders are vastly different. One is about envy, grandiosity, worthlessness and self-esteem enhancement. The other about a continuous battle between flight from others in order to not lose their sense of self and connection with others to not experience ego-death while being alive (existential dread).

Narcissistic split: I am great, capable and better and have more value. You're worthless, less able and beneath me.

Schizoid split: I am safe alone. If you do stuff that I don't like, you're unsafe and need to be avoided. Others are cold, cruel and harmful.



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Excellent written!
For a very long time, I have not heard this elaborate text!
Thak you!

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7 hours ago, Apoptosis said:


Edited by Rodja

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Odličan tekst. Ima dosta tzv. komorbiditeta između raznih poremećaja.
Odlučio sam da živim pseudo-šizoidnim stilom života. Što manje nepotrebnih izlazaka iz kuće, 0 kontakata sa ljudima koji nisu članovi porodice, totalni socijalni-seksualni-emocionalni detačment... Vrsta stoicizma, u neku ruku. Senekina pisanja i egzistencijalistički likovi su sveti gral šizoidizma. Sviđa mi se opis šizoidnog splita. 

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